About Thin Whales Investment Limited

ThinWhales Investments Limited is the collaborative brand of dedicated professionals who provide engineering works mainly; project management and supervision, sales, repair and servicing of all locomotive and power generating engines, refrigeration and air conditioning services. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism differentiates us apart from our competitors. We also coordinate the activities of swift shines Ltd and ThinWhales AB. These subsidiaries are distinct capitalized legal entities; each with its own managing partners, Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors Our staff comprises of engineers, lawyers, architects, accountants and specialized consultants.

Vision 2013 strategy 

“Vision 2013” strategy establishes the character of ThinWhales Investments Limited as a people-oriented company that is solely focused on pleasing its customers by diligently studying market trends and obtaining deep insight into issues confronting our customers.


“To provide impeccable service to all our clients through the introduction of momentous innovations”


we will lead by bringing simplicity to our clients "In a world where complexity increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives,


  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Dependable 

Quality assurance statement:

our policy demands a systematic pursuit of quality in the implementation of our assignments. To us quality remains a very essential part of good project management, which contributes to great output through the analysis of the tasks to be performed.

ThinWhales investments limited has a quality management system involving a set of procedures and organizations which it uses to achieve quality objects with regard to the requirements of its assignments. the effectiveness of our quality assurance system is periodically and systematically reviewed and any opportunities for improvement are incorporated by formal amendments. 

Safety, health and environment policy.

the management of Thinwhales investments limited is committed to providing a safe, healthy and pleasant environment not only to its employees but also to the public at large and to guarantee that this remains sustainable for the benefit of all.


Today, ThinWhales is aspiring to be among the global powerhouses in terms of annual turnover. Our unique advantage is the combination of insightful personnel, our extraordinary competence in technology and design, and the many synergies that we have developed thus far. We believe that great customer service goes beyond good prices and timely deliveries, it stretches from ultra violet to infrared to envelope great attitudes, a constant willingness to learn, patience and always keeping the customers’ needs ahead of anything else.


Our technical care sector is dedicated to providing solutions that make a difference by removing boundaries with innovative and affordable technology solutions throughout the entire care cycle.


ThinWhales is dedicated to introducing innovative, customer-driven, and energy-efficient solutions and applications for all engineering works.


THIN ^^^^  Because we are never going to get too big to not provide that personable service to each and every customer.

WHALES ^^^^ We are like whales in size because our resources and solutions are endless