After Sales Services

Spare Parts; 

We shall provide all caterpillar genuine spare parts as soon as possible from our correspondents based in Africa or from America and Europe. we shall provide treatment and monitoring of the expedition to the position of delivery of your choice, ex-work warehouse and for all requests very urgent, our procedure express orders will respond as soon as possible.

Technical Assistance; 

our team of technicians shall be available to provide technical assistance from simple to more complex problems that may arise. for example; field monitoring of your machine and recommendations, testing components, commissioning of components, diagnostic and troubleshooting, technical analysis and inspection, assembly and specials application, and technical training.

Maintenance; we shall provide periodic service and repair contracts to assure and guarantee fixed prices, knowledge of costs of maintenance, maintenance schedule, repair before failure, better availability, higher resale value, use of original spare parts and spare parts inventory reduced.

guaranteed time of delivery/ maximum lead time; 90 days (three months) from the date of confirmation of the contract/ order.

conditions of payment; we request a payment of 75 % on order then balance be paid after delivery, with a bank transfer, bank draft or local cheques.

warranty; we are offering a warranty of one year (twelve months) and this covers the engine, hydraulic and transmission systems of the machine. However, we shall provide ground engaging

tools as per the prices quoted in the contract booklet.

Information for supplies 

Our transformation to supply management is a key factor in delivering on our commitments to our customers. As the space of innovation increases and lead-times decrease, stronger relationships with our supplies are essential and we have always considered it being paramount.

Tools for suppliers 

Our tools for suppliers simplify how we work together. They are based on standardized supply management processes that provide clients with a single point of contact to ThinWhales. They improve transparency, communication, decision making and supplier management relationships.


THIN ^^^^  Because we are never going to get too big to not provide that personable service to each and every customer.

WHALES ^^^^ We are like whales in size because our resources and solutions are endless